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We live in times of profound upheaval and uncertainty. We are being challenged to navigate our way through confusing mental, emotional and spiritual landscapes with little guidance. But how do you create and remain on your path through this changing landscape when burdened by stress, anxiety and despair? How can you better cope with your fears and uncertainties and cultivate stillness and connection in your life? 

The first step towards creating inner stillness and resilience is to learn how to use your awareness to take control over your responses to external eventsTaking control over your awareness requires learning to use the power of your mind and heart, with the healing power of nature, to help you cope and thrive in this climate of change.

Cultivating Inner Stillness offers a structured, step-by-step process to help you raise and strengthen your awareness. Distilling the knowledge about mindfulness, gratitude and compassion practices into an easy to understand practical course, Peter has created a course for those recognising the need to better cope with life challenges by cultivating their path to inner stillness. 

This course recognises your longing for liberation from the mental and emotional turmoil within to guide you to inner peace.  It provides detailed guidance to develop reflective, contemplative skills within the natural world and its infinite opportunities for healing, insights and connection. Whether you are trying to deal with overwhelming dark thoughts and feelings, or needing to create more peace, love and inner stability in your life, this course will help you. It is an easy to follow, evidence-based program, simply presented with guided audio resources you can download and use anywhere. Make this course your priority in dealing with these challenging times and cultivate the skills to unfold the inner stillness that lies waiting for your awakening.

NatureConnect Facilitator

Peter White PhD

I offer my expertise in ecotherapy and passion for nature connection to people seeking connection, healing and inner peace in their lives. I bring years of doctoral research and personal and group connection practice to offer an authentic, integrated approach to nature connection that offers self-transformation and healing at all levels of your being. I combine scientific, contemplative, imaginal and heart-based techniques and knowledge to offer these transformative outcomes. I enjoy seeing my students let go and become present to the beauty and spirit of natural places.

Course curriculum

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    Section 1: Mindfulness Practice - the Mind of Stillness

    • What is Mindfulness?

    • Mindfulness vs. normal mental functioning

    • The Benefits of Mindfulness Practice

    • The Principles of Mindful Practice

    • The Anchor of Mindfulness Practice: Conscious breathing

    • Activity 2: Practicing Conscious Breathing

    • Activity 3: Mindfulness in daily living

    • The Mindfulness Wrap

  • 3

    Section 2: Gratitude Practice - the Heart of Stillness

    • What is Gratitude?

    • Gratitude & Thankfulness: recognising the difference

    • Why practice gratitude?

    • The Benefits of Gratitude Practice

    • Activity 4: Gratitude for Existence & Life

    • Activity 5: Gratitude practice for your daily chores

    • The AGL Approach: from gratefulness to love

    • Activity 6: Practicing the AGL approach

    • Overview

  • 4

    Section 3: The Power of Nature - Into the Stillness

    • Activity 7: Mindful Walking

    • Activity 8: Practicing Self-compassion

    • Some tips about self-compassion

    • Activity 9: Into the Stillness

    • Course completion


5 star rating

Both parts of the Title captured me as I desire to deepen...

Mary Yvonne Parker

The text was easy to read without being dull. Its flowing style kept me focused and it nourished what I had already learnt from Peter during face-to-face w...

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The text was easy to read without being dull. Its flowing style kept me focused and it nourished what I had already learnt from Peter during face-to-face walking sessions. Sometimes I felt the topics in each section were a little repetitive but this was a good way of "revising" what had already been taught. Each topic built on the one before it and so each section was a valuable teaching, reinforcing and depthing of important facets in the cultivating of inner stillness. The activities, especially the recordings were a valuable gift for the ongoing journey of walking mindfully in nature and in everyday life. Thank you Peter for your perseverance in writing this course, for the sharing of the rich fruits of your own experience of this journey, and for your passion in desiring to share this with many others.

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